105 Park Residences

Lietzenburger Straße 105 – 10707 Berlin

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105 Park Residences adds an unmistakable highlight in a prominent location. 24 luxury urban apartments are being created just a minute‘s walk away from the most beautiful and exclusive section of the Kurfürstendamm. Surrounded by elegant architecture of lasting value and a spacious, stylishly arranged courtyard garden with an old stock of trees, people looking for something exceptional will find a new home here. The first-class quality of construction, the high-quality facilities and an eye for detail, which are evident, for instance, in a ceiling height of over three metres, make 105 Park Residences a real object of desire.

The sizes of the 1- to 3-room apartments vary between approx. 40 and 105 square metres. The apartments impress with a clever floor plan and an ideal orientation. For instance, the generous living/dining areas look out on the south-facing garden courtyard. Their generous rooms are expanded by the adjoining outdoor area. The apartments on the upper floors offer a balcony or loggia, while the two apartments on the ground floor boast generous private gardens.

available units: 2
Rooms: 3
space: 98m2 – 101m2
Purchase price: 987.500,00 € – 1.016.000,00 €

already sold


Apartment id district street city Rooms space level Purchase price
10707_Lietzenburger105_004 Charlottenburg Lietzenburger Straße 105 10707 Berlin 3 101m2 1 1.016.000,00 €
10707_Lietzenburger105_007 Charlottenburg Lietzenburger Straße 105 10707 Berlin 3 98m2 1 987.500,00 €


The bathroom is designed in keeping with the elegance of the rest of the building. It is a place that addresses and invigorates each of your senses in an attractive way. With this in mind, we have put together a select portfolio of timeless bathroom furniture, stylish fittings and sophisticated tiles from renowned brands. The composition boasting style, panache and elegance creates a level of class capable of meeting the highest demands. You can also see and feel the basic facilities in our showroom. The high-quality standard facilities can be adapted and expanded to suit personal preferences thanks to extensive special features.

Feriendorf Klein Stresow

Rooms: 2 – 4
space: 42m2 – 115m2
Purchase price: on request

Villa am Messelpark

Rooms: 6 – 7
space: 284m2 – 413m2
Purchase price: on request

Am Anger 6

Rooms: 5 – 6
space: 173m2 – 196m2
Purchase price: on request

Quartier Charlotte

Rooms: 1 – 4
space: 30m2 – 171m2
Purchase price: 242.000,00 € – 1.090.500,00 €

Davoser Straße 5

Rooms: 8
space: 213m2 – 249m2
Purchase price: 2.250.000,00 € – 2.500.000,00 €

Spielhagen 8

Rooms: 3 – 4
space: 69m2 – 147m2
Purchase price: 453.000,00 € – 1.458.000,00 €


Rooms: 1 – 2
space: 38m2 – 47m2
Purchase price: 401.000,00 € – 496.000,00 €

105 Park Residences

Rooms: 3
space: 98m2 – 101m2
Purchase price: 987.500,00 € – 1.016.000,00 €

Münchener Straße 13

Rooms: 2 – 4
space: 50m2 – 102m2
Purchase price: 454.500,00 € – 995.000,00 €

VELA Suitenhotel Ahlbeck

Purchase price: on request

LOEV Holiday Apartments Binz

Rooms: 1 – 3
space: 17m2 – 54m2
Purchase price: 162.900,00 € – 539.900,00 €

Villa Charlotte Binz

Purchase price: on request