Am Anger 6

Am Anger 6 – 14195 Berlin

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The sophisticated villa architecture of these newly-built apartments, with their representative clear lines and elegance, creates a virtual bridge between the past and present. Externally, the house appears to be a closed unit — however, the interior of the building is divided into three spacious apartments. The depictive covered entrance area, the shape of the roof and the symmetrically-designed façade, reflect traditional constructions in the historic Dahlemer villa style, conforming to the surrounding buildings. The park-style garden area with its old, established trees underlines and frames the stylish villa look through its classic design. An underground car park with five parking spaces provides contemporary comfort and easy access to mobility. The interior is characterized by its clever layout and a highly evocative atmosphere. A garden-facing parlor functions as a bright living and dining area and contains a fireplace. It also forms a spacious focal point for both apartments on the ground floor, as well as the first floor. The five, or rather, the six rooms, are divided into parent/child zones, creating privacy, and boast two bathrooms and a spacious dressing room.

available units: 2
Rooms: 5 – 6
space: 173m2 – 196m2
Purchase price: on request


Apartment id district street city Rooms space level Purchase price
Wohnung 01 Dahlem Am Anger 6 14195 Berlin 5 196m2 0 on request
Wohnung 02 Dahlem Am Anger 6 14195 Berlin 6 173m2 1 on request


The approx. 188-square-meter ground floor apartment offers direct access to the garden via the terrace and contains a sauna, a hobby room or exercise space, including a bathroom with a shower, while the approx. 173-square-meter apartment on the first floor boasts five balconies. A large elevator leads from the underground car park directly into the apartments. Elements such as the herringbone parquet floors, the wood-and-aluminum windows, along with the fireplaces in the parlors, should satisfy even the most demanding aesthetic requirements. In the bathrooms, floor-level showers, partially freestanding bathtubs, toilets, washbasins and fittings by Dornbracht and Duravit, create really beautiful feel-good havens.


Rooms: 2 – 5
space: 68m2 – 169m2
Purchase price: 565.000,00 € – 1.428.500,00 €

Feriendorf Klein Stresow

Rooms: 2 – 4
space: 42m2 – 115m2
Purchase price: 239.900,00 € – 879.900,00 €

Villa am Messelpark

Rooms: 6 – 7
space: 284m2 – 413m2
Purchase price: on request

Am Anger 6

Rooms: 5 – 6
space: 173m2 – 196m2
Purchase price: on request

Quartier Charlotte

Rooms: 1 – 6
space: 30m2 – 172m2
Purchase price: 242.000,00 € – 1.540.000,00 €

Davoser Straße 5

Rooms: 8
space: 213m2 – 249m2
Purchase price: 2.250.000,00 € – 2.500.000,00 €

Spielhagen 8

Rooms: 3 – 4
space: 79m2 – 143m2
Purchase price: 673.000,00 € – 1.545.000,00 €


Rooms: 1 – 2
space: 38m2 – 72m2
Purchase price: 414.500,00 € – 975.000,00 €

105 Park Residences

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space: 98m2 – 101m2
Purchase price: 1.007.500,00 € – 1.036.000,00 €

Münchener Straße 13

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space: 50m2 – 86m2
Purchase price: 564.500,00 € – 787.500,00 €

VELA Suitenhotel Ahlbeck

Purchase price: on request

LOEV Holiday Apartments Binz

Rooms: 1 – 3
space: 17m2 – 58m2
Purchase price: 162.900,00 € – 549.900,00 €

Villa Charlotte Binz

Purchase price: on request