Stadtvillen Bernadotte  

Bernadottestraße 4 – 14193 Berlin

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In the middle of the Grunewald district, surrounded by old trees, two semi-detached houses are being built on the large site at the corner of Bernadottestraße and Königsmarckstraße. The buildings, each with two full storeys and a staggered storey, offer ideal conditions for integrating themselves into the surroundings, which are characterised by old villas and listed buildings. The buildings are framed by spacious garden areas. Both semi-detached houses receive an independent utility supply and are connected to each other exclusively via the property plot and the surrounding property fence. Each semi-detached house has around 253 m² of living and usable space. In addition, there is a 16 m² outbuilding on the property, which can also be used as a garage. The entrances of the houses have a porch and a spacious hall. In addition to the stairs, there is space to install an in-house lift. The ground floor of the semi-detached houses is dominated by the living/dining area with a clear room height of up to 3.30 m as well as an open-plan kitchen and the ground-floor access to the garden. The bedrooms consisting of a dressing room, master bathroom as well as the children's and/or guest rooms with en-suite bathrooms are located on the first floor. The number of bedrooms depends on the choice of your floor plan.

available units: 1
Rooms: 5
space: 253m2
Purchase price: 2.390.000,00 €

already sold


Apartment id district street city Rooms space level Purchase price
Bernadottestraße 4 a Grunewald Bernadottestraße 4 14193 Berlin 5 253m2 0 2.390.000,00 €


The days of having a purely functional room are long gone and we know that today the bathroom is both an oasis of well-being and a place of retreat, reflecting the quality of living. It is a place that addresses and invigorates each of your senses in an attractive way. With this in mind, we offer you timeless bathroom furniture, stylish fittings and selected tiles to realise your vision. Embedded in a modern design, your bathrooms will be completed with fittings from renowned manufacturers that leave nothing else to be desired.


Quartier Charlotte

Rooms: 1 – 6
space: 30m2 – 172m2
Purchase price: 229.500,00 € – 1.120.500,00 €

Davoser Straße 5

Rooms: 8
space: 213m2 – 249m2
Purchase price: 2.250.000,00 € – 2.550.000,00 €

Spielhagen 8

Rooms: 3 – 4
space: 69m2 – 147m2
Purchase price: 453.000,00 € – 1.458.000,00 €


Rooms: 1 – 3
space: 35m2 – 97m2
Purchase price: 318.500,00 € – 1.183.500,00 €

105 Park Residences

Rooms: 2 – 3
space: 50m2 – 101m2
Purchase price: 547.000,00 € – 1.016.000,00 €

Berlin Lake Suites

Rooms: 7
space: 398m2
Purchase price: 5.950.000,00 €

Münchener Straße 13

Rooms: 2 – 4
space: 48m2 – 102m2
Purchase price: 429.000,00 € – 950.400,00 €

Stadtvillen Bernadotte  

Rooms: 5
space: 253m2
Purchase price: 2.390.000,00 €

Charlottenburg- Wilmersdorf

Rooms: 4
space: 193m2 – 194m2
Purchase price: 2.748.000,00 € – 3.112.000,00 €

Villa Rheingold Binz

Rooms: 3
space: 81m2 – 141m2
Purchase price: 950.000,00 € – 2.250.000,00 €

LOEV Hotelsuiten Binz

Rooms: 1 – 3
space: 17m2 – 54m2
Purchase price: 162.900,00 € – 509.900,00 €

Villa Sofie Binz

Rooms: 2
space: 49m2 – 57m2
Purchase price: 254.000,00 € – 322.000,00 €

Villenensemble Baabe

Rooms: 1
space: 34m2
Purchase price: 163.800,00 €