Davoser Straße 5

Davoser Straße 5 – 14199 Berlin

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The Davoser Straße 5 blends in harmoniously with the neighbouring buildings, which primarily consists of detached houses and villas. Inspired by English country houses from the 1920s, the building-ensemble is a striking eye-catcher in the street. The roof combines a front-gabled and side-gabled construction to create an independent architecture. The whitewashed clinker facade in grey-beige and the lattice windows in dark wood ensure a stylish look. Four townhouses with independent premises form an extraordinary building in the country house style at Davoser Straße 5-5d. Those who set down their roots here can lean back and enjoy a good life - natural and lively, prestigious and cosy. With peace, thoughtfulness and green spaces, one devotes to the special feeling of being where one has always wanted to be. All of the conditions for fully enjoying the beautiful moments in life are fulfilled here. A comfortable life - this is a reality in the Davoser Straße 5.

available units: 4
Rooms: 8
space: 213m2 – 249m2
Purchase price: on request


Apartment id district street city Rooms space level Purchase price
14199_Davoser5_509 Schmargendorf Davoser Straße 5 14199 Berlin 8 249m2 0 on request
14199_Davoser5d_512 Schmargendorf Davoser Straße 5 14199 Berlin 8 249m2 0 on request
14199_Davoser5b_510 Schmargendorf Davoser Straße 5 14199 Berlin 8 213m2 0 on request
14199_Davoser5c_511 Schmargendorf Davoser Straße 5 14199 Berlin 8 213m2 0 on request


Quality in every detail

Inner values deserve the highest attention. Individual wishes can thus be implemented beyond the anticipated room layout and fittings, depending on the stage in the building‘s construction and feasibility. The living rooms are fitted with wood parquet flooring with floor heating. You determine the type of installation. In the bathrooms, porcelain stoneware tiles or natural stone provide a pleasant, high-quality feel. The series of bathroom ceramics and fittings impress with the high quality of the materials and finish. Choose between the different variants and enjoy an ambience that suits your taste. A comprehensive range of optional extras gives you the possibility of carrying out your personal upgrade for an extra charge. You are welcome to come to our showroom for a comprehensive consultation.

Am Anger 6

Rooms: 5 – 6
space: 173m2 – 196m2
Purchase price: on request

Quartier Charlotte

Rooms: 1 – 5
space: 30m2 – 171m2
Purchase price: 242.000,00 € – 1.395.000,00 €

Davoser Straße 5

Rooms: 8
space: 213m2 – 249m2
Purchase price: on request

Spielhagen 8

Rooms: 3 – 4
space: 69m2 – 147m2
Purchase price: 453.000,00 € – 1.458.000,00 €


Rooms: 1 – 3
space: 35m2 – 74m2
Purchase price: 318.500,00 € – 684.500,00 €

105 Park Residences

Rooms: 3
space: 98m2 – 101m2
Purchase price: 987.500,00 € – 1.016.000,00 €

Charlottenburg- Wilmersdorf

Rooms: 4
space: 193m2 – 194m2
Purchase price: on request

Berlin Lake Suites

Rooms: 7
space: 398m2
Purchase price: 5.950.000,00 €

Münchener Straße 13

Rooms: 2 – 4
space: 48m2 – 102m2
Purchase price: 445.700,00 € – 985.000,00 €

VELA Suitenhotel Ahlbeck

Purchase price: on request

LOEV Hotelsuiten Binz

Rooms: 1 – 3
space: 17m2 – 54m2
Purchase price: 162.900,00 € – 509.900,00 €

Villa Charlotte Binz

Purchase price: on request

Villenensemble Baabe

Rooms: 1
space: 34m2
Purchase price: 163.800,00 €