Charlottenburg- Wilmersdorf

Fasanenstraße 63 – 10719 Berlin

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We are creating and developing a new apartment building on the famous Fasanenplatz in Berlin, near the Kurfürstendamm. It is situated in one of Germany's most exclusive residential areas. 13 apartments and 5 smaller flats are being built across six levels and a raised ground floor. The smaller flats - just as ordered - can also function as guest suites to the bigger apartments. The new apartment complex will cover an area of 1,198 square meters. The building will occupy half of this, and the rest will be gardens, including two private gardens for the ground floor apartments.

The architect has carefully proportioned the rooms in accordance to the lighting conditions and sunshine levels. Residents can therefore wake up in the sunshine on the courtyard side and watch the sunset from their three-meter-deep loggias on the west side. The generous living and dining rooms feature fire places and wide vistas. Sliding doors also provide the rooms with a great deal of privacy.

available units: 2
Rooms: 4
space: 193m2 – 194m2
Purchase price: on request

already sold


Apartment id district street city Rooms space level Purchase price
10719_Fasanenstraße63_05 Charlottenburg- Wilmersdorf Fasanenstraße 63 10719 Berlin 4 194m2 1 on request
10719_Fasanenstraße63_011 Charlottenburg- Wilmersdorf Fasanenstraße 63 10719 Berlin 4 193m2 3 on request


Space for bathrooms and utility rooms can be adjusted in accordance with your demand, requirements and wishes, whatever they may be. With the help of Devon&Devon and their wealth of experience and ideas, we are designing exquisite bathrooms, inspired by European tradition and the finest of American design from the first half of the twentieth century. Let your imagination run free, and create your own unique library or sauna. We will be there to accompany you on this exciting and challenging journey.


It is our job and passion to ensure that your dreams come true.

Quartier Charlotte

Rooms: 1 – 5
space: 30m2 – 157m2
Purchase price: 242.000,00 € – 1.395.000,00 €

Davoser Straße 5

Rooms: 8
space: 213m2 – 249m2
Purchase price: 2.250.000,00 € – 2.550.000,00 €

Spielhagen 8

Rooms: 3 – 4
space: 69m2 – 147m2
Purchase price: 453.000,00 € – 1.458.000,00 €


Rooms: 1 – 3
space: 35m2 – 97m2
Purchase price: 318.500,00 € – 1.183.500,00 €

105 Park Residences

Rooms: 2 – 3
space: 50m2 – 101m2
Purchase price: 547.000,00 € – 1.016.000,00 €

Berlin Lake Suites

Rooms: 7
space: 398m2
Purchase price: on request

Münchener Straße 13

Rooms: 2 – 4
space: 48m2 – 102m2
Purchase price: 429.000,00 € – 950.400,00 €

Stadtvillen Bernadotte  

Rooms: 5
space: 253m2
Purchase price: 2.390.000,00 €

Charlottenburg- Wilmersdorf

Rooms: 4
space: 193m2 – 194m2
Purchase price: on request

Villa Rheingold Binz

Rooms: 3
space: 81m2 – 141m2
Purchase price: 950.000,00 € – 2.250.000,00 €

LOEV Hotelsuiten Binz

Rooms: 1 – 3
space: 17m2 – 54m2
Purchase price: 162.900,00 € – 509.900,00 €

Villa Sofie Binz

Rooms: 2
space: 49m2 – 57m2
Purchase price: 254.000,00 € – 322.000,00 €

Villenensemble Baabe

Rooms: 1
space: 34m2
Purchase price: 163.800,00 €