Villa am Messelpark

Im Dol 17 – 14195 Berlin

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Sophistication par excellence.

The "Villa am Messelspark" is an outstanding highlight in one of the most sought-after residential areas in all of Berlin. Three exclusive apartments, one on each floor, offer lavish scope for individual preferences and tastes. Nestling in a peaceful and idyllically rural setting, the building - designed by one of the most renowned architectural offices in the city - pays tribute to the classic Gründerzeit (mid 19th century) villas in the vicinity. This unique opportunity to live like the "gentry of old" is completed to perfection by the expansive landscaped garden which reaches right down to the Domäne Dahlem country estate.

The spacious foyer forms the centrepiece of the Villa. The classic staircase is complemented by a lift which serves all floors in the building. Inside each apartment, the foyer leads seamlessly into a spacious entrance hall which offers access to each of the rooms. Private quarters are located to one side of this hallway, whilst the prestigious south-facing room for entertaining visitors overlook the garden. This ingenious floor plan enables residents to enjoy expansive horizontal and vertical views, and draws nature into the interior of the rooms.



available units: 2
Rooms: 6 – 7
space: 284m2 – 413m2
Purchase price: on request


Apartment id district street city Rooms space level Purchase price
IM_DOL_WE01 Dahlem Im Dol 17 14195 Berlin 7 413m2 0 on request
IM_DOL_WE02 Dahlem Im Dol 17 14195 Berlin 6 284m2 1 on request


The secret lies in exquisite details.

Select choices ensure a continuation of the classicist theme in the interior design. Our quality materials guarantee enduring aesthetic appeal and meet even the most exacting requirements for interior design: delightful wooden flooring or tiled floors, elegantly shaped tap fittings and contemporary bathroom design from highly reputable manufacturers. Because quality is the best foundation for happiness and value retention. You are cordially invited to visit our showroom and inspect our luxury quality standard fittings or find out more about our extensive range of optional extras. We will be happy to advise you.


Rooms: 2 – 5
space: 68m2 – 169m2
Purchase price: 565.000,00 € – 1.428.500,00 €

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Rooms: 2 – 4
space: 42m2 – 115m2
Purchase price: 239.900,00 € – 879.900,00 €

Villa am Messelpark

Rooms: 6 – 7
space: 284m2 – 413m2
Purchase price: on request

Am Anger 6

Rooms: 5 – 6
space: 173m2 – 196m2
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Purchase price: 2.250.000,00 € – 2.500.000,00 €

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space: 79m2 – 143m2
Purchase price: 673.000,00 € – 1.545.000,00 €


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space: 38m2 – 72m2
Purchase price: 414.500,00 € – 975.000,00 €

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Purchase price: 1.007.500,00 € – 1.036.000,00 €

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space: 50m2 – 86m2
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Purchase price: on request

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space: 17m2 – 58m2
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