Creating “buildings for generations” is our mission. We believe that only those who can fulfil — and even exceed — exclusive customer wishes can guarantee intrinsic value over decades. The foundation of such value is an architecture that lasts independently of the zeitgeist. Therefore, collaboration with excellent and renowned architects is an important part of our creative work. Tailored to each location and target group, our style spectrum varies from modern–timeless to classic–elegant.

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Buildings for generations

Those who want to develop living space of lasting value must think beyond their own creative work. This is the principle we apply to every object. With the knowledge of 27 years of project experience and with an eye toward future generations, we establish buildings of outstanding quality for discerning customers.

An overview of our business areas:

  • Residential real estate including old and new buildings: condominiums and rental apartments
  • Commercial real estate: retail, office, hotel
  • Vacation real estate: for use as rentals and vacation homes
Residential construction in Berlin

Focus region

Vacation real estate on Usedom

Vacation real estate on Rügen

Residential construction in Neustadt



Latin: The First


Our name is our aspiration

PRIMUS, Latin: The First — Know-how and experience are the cornerstones of realizing highest quality expectations. Since foundation of the company in 1993, we have been on the market as project developer and builder with more than 70 team members. As a medium-sized company with more than 250 realized projects, we enjoy a distinguished reputation.


Exclusivity as gold standard

The quality of our buildings is a fundamental unique selling point on the German real estate market. This claim not only refers to the exceptional structural quality of the architecture, interior design, landscape gardening, and technical equipment — it also applies to the planning and management of our projects. Our portfolio is hand-picked and self-developed: exclusive residential properties in Berlin’s prime locations for owner occupancy or capital investment, as well as extraordinary vacation properties in popular Baltic Sea resorts. We exclusively collaborate with masters of their craft — from stuccoers, carpenters, painters, locksmiths, and bricklayers to landscape architects and gardeners.

Entrance Project MONOS

Fasanenstraße 64 | Berlin-Charlottenburg


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