PRIMUS is at the forefront of modern real estate development. We shape the future of residential and commercial buildings with a clear focus on sustainability and innovative spirit.

Our vision is to create exceptional and future-proof buildings in prime locations. Since 1993, we have combined our extensive expertise in real estate markets, construction technology, and financial strategies to create spaces that endure for generations.

As a fully integrated development platform, we excel in project implementation. In Berlin, we are recognized as a leading force in the development of innovative residential and commercial spaces, supported by excellent market access.

Even in challenging market phases, we achieve above-average results, driven by our expertise, dedication, and our commitment to product and execution quality.


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Buildings for Generations

We focus on the development and revitalization of residential and commercial spaces. Our projects are aimed at discerning residents and users who value sustainable quality, modern living and working environments, and innovative architecture. Our approach combines forward-thinking design with the use of durable materials to create residential properties that endure for generations.

Each of our construction projects is characterized by an individual approach and is realized with consideration for ecological standards and state-of-the-art construction techniques.

We rely on collaboration with professionals who understand their craft and combine tradition with innovative methods.

An overview of our business areas:

  • Residential real estate including old and new buildings: condominiums and rental apartments
  • Commercial real estate: office, hotel and retail







Collaboration with PRIMUS

Vision becomes Reality

We are committed to clear values and strong results. Whether you are seeking a home that meets the highest standards or commercial spaces that reflect the spirit of your company, we offer solutions that combine innovation with sustainability. Our approach ensures that each construction project is not only well thought out but also future-oriented and energy-efficient.

We combine innovative construction methods with energy-efficient solutions to create future-proof facilities that generate long-term value.

As partners, industry experts, and active contributors, we are ready. Our work speaks for itself: real estate that endures sustainably.


Exclusivity as a Benchmark

Our construction projects set high standards in the German real estate market by demonstrating above-average quality in architecture, interior design, and the use of innovative and sustainable building technology.

Our portfolio includes carefully selected and developed properties in the most sought-after locations in Berlin, catering to both personal use and investment opportunities.

Each of our projects is committed to sustainability, future orientation, and the use of advanced, environmentally friendly construction technologies to meet the needs of a discerning clientele while also contributing to ecological balance.

Penthouse Project MONOS

Fasanenstraße 64 | Berlin-Charlottenburg


In Direct Communication

We consider short communication paths and a direct relationship with our clients to be of vital importance in our daily business. That is why we are dedicated to running an internal sales office with the help of our consultants Sona Voss, Amelie Wellenbrock, Corinna von Anhalt and Tom Claerhout. This allows us to efficiently and constructively incorporate feedback from our customers into our work.