Knesebeckstrasse 10 – 10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg



Inspired by the grandeur of historical eras and yet timelessly elegant: Céleste is a building of international class, at the highest cultural level. It combines savoir-faire and understated luxury. In an exclusive neighborhood. In the heart of Charlottenburg.


Stylish one-of-a-kind pieces – exclusively curated

A diverse range of luxury residences, townhouses and penthouses meet a variety of needs. These living options are complemented by innovative digital concierge services, a private gym and elegant communal areas in a sophisticated way.

Apartment Rooms Flat-Space Purchase price Download
Penthouse 11 5 228,48 m2 5.495.000 € Download
Penthouse 25 4 241,48 m2 4.995.000 € Download
Residence 01 4 173,00 m2 2.695.000 € Download
Residence 02 4 129,27 m2 1.990.000 € Download
Residence 03 6 217,35 m2 3.350.000 € Download
Residence 04 3 132,27 m2 2.095.000 € Download
Residence 05 4 174,68 m2 2.945.000 € Download
Residence 06 3 131,54 m2 2.295.000 € Download
Residence 07 4 174,55 m2 3.145.000 € Download
Residence 08 3 131,33 m2 2.750.000 € Download
Residence 09 4 172,62 m2 3.350.000 € Download
Residence 21 3 86,06 m2 1.355.000 € Download
Residence 24 2 71,99 m2 1.295.000 € Download
Studio 14 1 44,53 m2 645.000 € Download
Studio 18 1 28,08 m2 595.000 € Download
Townhouse 12 8 237,39 m2 4.095.000 € Download
Townhouse 13 5 263,60 m2 4.395.000 € Download

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At a glance

• 21 exclusive residences and studios

• 2 townhouses with large private garden, terrace, and private entrance

• 2 spacious penthouses with roof terrace and views over Berlin

• 1 to 8 rooms (Mergers possible)

• Living spaces from 28 m² to 305 m²

• Exceptional sustainability standard with gold certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB)

• Many of the apartments offer fireplaces, balconies and direct access to the lift landing

• Underfloor heating and additional towel radiators in the bathroom

• High security standard due to camera monitoring of entrances and exits

• An idyllic courtyard garden to relax and enjoy

• Digital concierge services for maximum convenience

• Fitness room for the owners’ association

• 15 underground parking spaces with parking system and camera surveillance


Luxurious in design – noble in materials

With precise elegance, the building sets new standards and speaks of cultural history through its architectural design:

It picks up on antique principles, quotes motifs from the Belle Époque and defines standards for a new Berlin architecture beyond the avant-garde. With self-confident restraint, Céleste blends harmoniously into the multifaceted Charlottenburg and is characterized by charming excellence. In this way, this statement lends a clear profile to the demands of the residents.



Form and design are created according to the wishes of the owners. Their individual culture characterizes the space, characterized by tasteful details, carefully selected materials, spacious master areas and architectural originality.


The location as a highly cultural experience

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Maximum quality, sophistication, uncompromising comfort and refined taste are the pillars on which this new building is based. From the public to the private sphere, the standard rises continuously – both qualitatively and individually.


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